Understanding filming in recruiting 

There are two absolutes about the role video plays in the college recruiting process:

  1. Video doesn’t lie and
  2. Video does not have an opinion.

It is undeniable how important video and game film have become in the ever-competitive world of college recruiting.  Look, video alone may not land you a scholarship at your dream school (although it can).  But, it certainly will serve as a virtual handshake to any college coaching staff in the country.  What could be a better introduction to a college coach than an honest, unbiased evaluation of your abilities?

Recently, we sat down with Erik Pulverenti, General Manager of Media for Hudl.  Described as a cloud-based video sharing platform, Hudl has become an industry leader for game film and video to coaches and athletes, everywhere.  With over 9,000,000 teams and athletes utilizing Hudl technology their opinion on the role of video and game film in the college recruiting process is certainly important.  Mr. Pulverenti spoke with USA Today HSS on college recruiting and the importance of video.

Q: How has high school sports changed in the last 10 years?

A: I think the biggest change has been the adoption of technology as a solution to make difficult tasks possible and tedious tasks more efficient. For instance, millions of athletes are taking pride in how they represent their athletic performance. Players and coaches now have tools that allow them to create exciting content they can share with friends, family, and recruiters.  Athletes have a better chance now, more than ever before, to showcase their talents.

Q: What role does video play in an athlete’s recruiting process?

A: Discovery is the name of the game when it comes to college recruiting. Every year we hear about college coaches finding athletes because of their highlight reel. This applies to all levels and every sport. Whether you want to play DI or DIII, a highlight reel can get you in front of recruiters. Quite simply, video has the ability to connect the right players with the right coaches.

Q: Why is video so impactful in the skill development of a high school athlete?

A: Video can help develop an athlete’s skills in multiple ways. Of course, you can use video to review performance on the field. You can also use it as a preparation tool.  Athletes and coaches use video to scout opponents before every game.

Athletes can also use video to improve their individual performance by focusing on their technique and seeking advice from professional coaches. Many athletes want to consume content that is focused around performance.  By engaging with video when, where and how they want, athletes become more engaged with their sport.  More engaged athletes are typically going to go have better results, on the field.

Q: What advice would you give to a recruit developing their own highlight video?

A: Not every athlete is the same, so I don’t think there is a perfect template to follow. Sure, some recruiters are specific to how they like to watch video. But, I would encourage athletes to be creative and find what works best for the attributes they are trying to showcase. Overall, here are few key guidelines:

  • Don’t build a long form reel. Keep it to within 2-3 minutes. If you have different skills

you want to showcase, don’t be afraid to create more than one reel.

  • Put your best video at the front of the reel. Don’t build your recruiting reel in chronological order of your season.
  • Use spot shadows when necessary. You need to stand out from the rest of the athletes. Don’t overuse spot shadows if they are not necessary.
  • Be honest with your personal information. We talk to a lot of users and recruiters tell us that they value honest data over unbelievable metrics.

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