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Men Of Destiny was created to help fathers and families  navigate their way through the process of creating a man from a boy.  Men Of Destiny is here to help fathers understand that they are not alone in the process of raising their child or children.  This group was formed from the belly of life and birthed through christ. We are not a denomination but we are all equal in Gods sight. So we are all equal in the Men Of Destiny.  No man is greater than the other. Our men are our leaders of the family and in order to stay that way every man must know how to lead.  This is a moment that you get to drop your ego and become that real man that has been called to guide his family to the destiny of their future. whether it is in sports, academics or life, fathers are an intricate part of this navigation.  We look forward to helping you in this journey!



what we offer:

1.  Mend a broken relationship 
2.  Understanding what it takes to sport train 
3.  Understanding College requirements
4.  Things to do with your family
5.  How to have that conversation about drugs
6.  How to adapt When you want it more than your child 
7.  What they really are not saying-How to ask questions that get you the answers 
8.  Raising your child or children on your own
9.  How to Co-Parent when have gone through a divorce or separation 
10. How to be a step parent
11.  How to listen
12. Parent challenges(The silent Hero syndrome)
13. Men of Destiny Pledge 
14. The Destiny journey
15. Life Coaching 
16. Rebuild Me Program

                                                 and much more.................................


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