For Parents
The P2P experience is for both student-athletes and their family members – family is an essential part of P2P. We understand the desire to provide your student-athlete with the absolute best tools to develop their all-around skill set, and the need to be part of their important life experiences. You and your student-athlete will not forget your time at P2P; time that you will cherish for the remainder of your football lives.

P2P Promise

We promise that your experience at Pros 2 Professionals will be the best 6 to 7 weeks of your offseason.
We promise that every student-athlete will become a better football player and a better person after their P2P experience.
We promise to incorporate family in every step of the P2P process, as we fully know that family is student-athletes’ most important coaches and supporters.
We promise to deliver the highest quality football camp experience over 75-87.5 total hours.
We promise to prepare and inspire every Pros 2 Professionals student-athlete to reach his or her full potential through the game of football.
We promise every Pros 2 Professionals coach and staff member is as passionate and as determined to help your student-athlete succeed as you are.
We promise that Technique Plus Talent Beats Talent Alone.

P2P Testimonials
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