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           What is a Social Black Belt?
Social Black Belt is a Social and emotional learning program taught to over 7,000 students ranging from ages 10 through 18 yrs. old. For the past 5 years Social Black Belt teachers have been teaching self-awareness and critical thinking which help to foster healthy emotional life skills. Supporting the NFL Alumni’s mission of “caring for kids”, Social Black Belt and The NFL Alumni are committed to fostering personal development through the empowerment of the 10 simple truths through emotional wellness, in order to make a positive impact in the lives of our children.  

Social Black Belt(SBB) will Provide insights about yourself  that will make a huge, albeit gradual, difference in all areas of your life.

 Understanding how the mind works is essential.  you will learn what you think, feel and act the way you do.  You will also gain greater awareness of who you are. This awareness translates into greater control. The mind is like any sophisticated tool; the more you understand its functions and fallibilities the better you will be to use it effectively.

The Class is used to help people use their minds more effectively.  As the psychologists have said, "we've learned how our patients don't always understand their psychological issues and capabilities, so they get themselves in trouble or they don't use their minds in ways that help them avoid trouble and/ or capitalize on opportunities. When children master their "Social Black Belt" they are equipped to deal with any social situation, like peer pressure, rejection, bullying and more. 

Social Black Belt(SBB) can be used to address specific issues in your life and to formulate a plan for dealing with these issues more effectively.  You will also gain a critical understanding of what drives you and what bedevils you, what stands in your way of achieving goals, and the strengths you have to help you realize them.  Social Black Belt(SBB) can offer insights about who you are, why you are this way, and how you can become who you want to be.  This is an ambitious objective, but the Truths of Social Black Belt(SBB) are powerful tools.  In the class, we'll give you the information, stories, and exercises that will help you use them effectively.

SBB students learn how to:

  • Identify their emotions and behavior

  • Take steps towards positive change

  • Utilize mindfulness

  • Handle their "saboteur"

  • Trust, evolve empathy, and navigate relationships

  • Heal from loss and move forward

Be comfortable their own skin despite color, creed, ​​race, or gender


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The power of NFL Alumni mentorship is evident when you witness NFL Alumni with a group of children. Most Alumni have had the opportunity to impact children in a positive way through speaking engagements, charitable functions, and visiting youth programs. 

 However, through the Social Black Belt program, NFL Alumni can step up their game and continue to impact children long after their visit. NFL Alumni, armed with Social Black Belts, will teach children how to champion their life situation and live their dreams.

Meet Your Certified Social Black Belt  Instructor  

This class isn't a substitute for therapy, but for many people with less serious emotional issues, it is exactly what is needed. possessing the 10 Truths is like owning a manual for the mind. It will provide students and adults with the directions for dealing with most of the situations life throws at you, and it will give you the knowledge to handle theses challenges.